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H2Flow Industrial Brochure

H2Flow Industrial focuses on providing solutions for the Air, Gas, Solids, Wastewater, Liquid (more)

H2Flow DAF Brochure

Please read the attached brochure to understand how DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) works. We (more)

Our H2Flow expert Industrial reps (more)
H2Flow DAF installation at a Poultry Processor (more)
TILT Tanks (Containerized Bioreactors) now available! (more)

H2FLOW EQUIPMENT INC. was established in 1992 and is ISO 9001 certified. Offering a wide variety of technologies from quality suppliers along with skilled project management and detailed engineering capabilities, H2FLOW can provide the most efficient, most reliable and most cost effective solution for your air, gas, process water, waste-water, solids and liquid handling applications.

We can service the power, food, chemical, oil and gas, beverage, petrochemical, mining and minerals, electronics, semiconductor, automotive, plastics, cement, steel, aerospace and light manufacturing industries. H2FLOW EQUIPMENT INC. is very customer focused and looks forward
to working with you to make your projects a success.

•  AIR


•  GAS




Applications include:

•    Food and Beverage
•    Water Treatment Plants
•    Power Generation Facilities
•    Wastewater Treatment Plants
•    Solid Waste Treatment Facilities  

•    Pulp & Paper
•    Mining
•    Metal & Steel  
•    Electronics
•    Oil and Gas

•    Automotive
•    Chemical 
•    Petrochemical
•    Recycling Facilities

H2FLOW can provide a complete treatment system with all the above components, supplied by a single, experienced and reliable source. H2FLOW has been supplying systems for over 20 years.
We have many units available in stock, as well as pilot units.